Senior Thesis Proposals Presentations

Monday, December 7, 2015 - 3:10pm


Williams Hall, Room 080

Senior Thesis Proposals Presentations

Alana Corey
Advisor: Professor Almut Hupbach
Feeling Stressed? You Might be Forgetting Something!

Hannah St. Lifer
Advisor: Professor Daniel Lopresti
How Can Digital Media in Higher Education Institutions Most Effectively Reach and Engage Prospective Students? An Analysis of Lehigh University’s Engineering College’s Social Media Current Strategies and An Introduction to a Better Approach 

Rachel Shaffer
Advisors: Professors Padraig O’Seaghdha and Jeff Heflin
Refining Models of Semantic Interference: The Case of Polysemy

Emily Wilkinson
Advisors: Professors Barbara Malt and Kiri Lee
Characterizing the Plasticity of Adult Native Language Knowledge

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